Moods, medications and sexual side-effects. What’s new in research?

Antidepressant medication has helped thousands of people suffering with depression and anxiety. These medications have, in many cases, been ‘life savers’. All medications have side-effects and prescribing is always a delicate balance between risks and benefits, effectiveness versus side-effects. A particular focus for me as a Sexual Health Physician interested in mental health concerns, are… Read more »

Premenstrual syndrome and what to do about it

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is quite common – 90% of women experience changes to their mood and physical wellbeing in the 1-2 weeks before their period. Unfortunately, many women do not seek help and think that nothing can be done. The symptoms of PMS can include both mood problems and physical symptoms. These occur only in… Read more »

The Vagina Bible by Jen Gunter

Jen is known as the ‘Twitter Gynaecologist’ in the USA and Canada. She has a ‘vagenda’ to inform and empower women by providing reliable and accurate medical information about their bodies. She dedicates the book to ‘every woman who has ever been told – usually by some dude – that she is too wet, too dry,… Read more »

The Gift of Therapy by Irvin D. Yalom

This is described as ‘an open letter to a new generation of therapists and their patients‘. A series of brief clinical vignettes and observations from years of experience as a psychotherapist. Irvin D. Yalom has written a number of international best sellers, but this is my favourite. Useful for anyone wanting to understand more about… Read more »

Girls and Sex by Peggy Orenstein

Peggy wrote this book as a parent, wanting to ‘navigate the complicated new landscape‘ that confronts women today. In the first chapter she writes, ‘I was just trying my best to raise a health daughter at a time when celebrities presented self-objectification as a source of strength, power and independence; when looking desirable seemed to… Read more »