Testosterone deficiency affects 1 in 200 men

Also known as Androgen Deficiency (AD), Testosterone Deficiency affects men more commonly than you might think; 1 in 200 men under 60 years of age have low levels of testosterone. Unlike hormonal deficiencies in women, the clinical presentation – that is, the symptoms can be harder to recognise. There are a number of reasons for this… Read more »

Periods: What is Normal?

Periods, what is normal? Why are periods different for different women? Some women hate their periods; they have painful cramps, get cranky and feel more emotional. Others revel in a celebration of their womanliness and feel lighter and free after their monthly flow. Understanding more about periods can help us to manage how we feel.… Read more »

Need some Calm in your life? I have an App for you!

Calm. We all need a little help at times getting there. I’ve been ‘test driving’ a fabulous App called, surprise, surprise…Calm. The Calm App It has everything from calming music, guided meditations (of varying lengths and types – you choose), soothing bed time stories, film clips of raining falling through leaves or logs burning on… Read more »

Dr Tonia Speaking Events

Dr Tonia Mezzini is regarded as expert on a range of sexual health and women’s health topics and is often invited to speak at medical conferences and training events. She has been awarded The Jan Edwards Prize for her paper on Mycoplasma genitalium in Men with Urethral Symptoms, and The Penelope Lowe Prize for her… Read more »

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson

Jenny Laswon’s “mostly true memoir” Let’s Pretend This Never Happened is a laugh out loud story of growing up in rural Texas with a pretty whacky family. It’s also a tale of survival, strength and lessons learned from living with and surviving depression and anxiety. Her second novel, Furiously Happy is a must read for anyone… Read more »

Heartline by Dr Brendan Carson

Heartline is a funny, thought-provoking book is a series of short stories written by my good friend Dr Brendan Carson. All true stories, with the profits going to fund cardiac monitors for the small hospital in WA where Dr Carson works. The man has a heart of gold AND a sense of humour. Dr Tonia… Read more »

Men get chronic pelvic pain too…

Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS) affects men as well as women. It affects men mainly between the ages of 25 and 50 years of age. The actual number of men troubled by this condition is not really known. Often men have been told that ‘it’s all in their heads’ and they suffer in silence. What… Read more »

Endometriosis Changes Your Brain

Endometriosis Endometriosis affects 176 million women and yet we still have a great deal to learn. We know that women with endometriosis are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression – this has previously been thought to be a consequence of pain and issues around fertility. However, it might just be a whole lot… Read more »