Understanding the new Cervical Screening Test (CST)

You may be aware that the Pap test has been replaced with a Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) test, or Cervical Screening Test. HPV testing is a more sensitive and specific way of preventing cervical cancer. That means, screening is much less likely to miss an early cancer of the cervix. Good news ladies! Let me… Read more »

Commonly asked questions about genital herpes

People often find a diagnosis of genital herpes to be distressing and shameful. It needn’t be so. Accurate information about herpes, and how it can be treated, reduces that distress. The following questions are just some of commonly asked questions – and answers – about genital herpes. Just imagine that you are talking to Dr… Read more »

Olive & Bee: The Best Ever Lubricant and Vaginal Moisturizer

This fabulous, natural, organic, chemical, preservative, flavor, colour, additive free intimate cream vaginal moisturizer is now available in an increased number of pharmacies around Adelaide. Olive & Bee is particularly useful for women with vulval skin conditions such as lichen sclerosus, lichen planus, recurrent thrush and low oestrogen vaginal concerns. Dr Tonia Mezzini calls this… Read more »

Vulval Pain is Very Secret Women’s Business….

Vulval pain syndromes occur when vulval pain exists and there is no infection or skin disease causing the pain. For some women however, previous infections and skin problems can trigger the pain, even when those problems have been successfully treated. The vulva is the skin around the outside of the vagina. It includes the labia… Read more »

Update On How IUDs Can Help Prevent Cervical Cancer

Preventing Cervical Cancer With IUDs Doctors have long been encouraging women to consider an IUD for contraception, to reduce heavy periods and provide a low dose hormonal option for menopausal hormonal therapy (MHT). Research continues to show that this is a safe and effective option for women – even teenagers and women who have not… Read more »

The Joy of Sex by Dr Alan Comfort

Sex is a complex life skill, and a little bit of instruction, inspiration and illumination never went astray. I was given a copy as a wedding present, many, many years ago. The new edition has much less hair. LOL!

Where Did My Libido Go? by Dr Rosie King

Dr Rosie King, one of Australia’s favourite sex therapists, has written two excellent books for couples. Where Did My Libido Go and Good Loving, Great Sex. Read through these and put sticky notes in the bits that resonate for you and use as a springboard for starting a conversation with your partner.

Women’s Stuff by Kaz Cooke

Kaz Cooke does a great job of providing wise, accurate and amusing advice on Girl Stuff and Women’s Stuff. Get both. Give the Girl’s Stuff to your daughters and keep the Women’s Stuff to lend to your girlfriends (after you have read it your self, of course). Goes well with tub of ice-cream and a… Read more »