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preparing for surgery
Endometriosis is a Multi-System Disease It can affect your bladder, bowels, pelvic floor as well as the uterus, ovaries and
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is quite common - 90% of women experience changes to their mood and physical wellbeing in the
Hormonal Pills
There are so many contraceptive pills and so many choices! How does a girl choose? First of all, we need
Well over 100 million women around the world rely on the Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill a.k.a., ‘the Pill’.  Did you
Menopause results in a number of bodily changes - particularly to your vagina. Menopause is a fact of life... It
Sex Intimacy
Maintaining intimacy and connection with your partner during and after cancer treatment can be challenging. That special connection is important
How does sex change over the different phases of adulthood?   Sexuality and Aging: As part of my work at
Also known as Androgen Deficiency (AD), Testosterone Deficiency affects men more commonly than you might think; 1 in 200 men under
Periods, what is normal? Why are periods different for different women? Some women hate their periods; they have painful cramps,
Calm App review Dr Tonia Mezzini
Calm. We all need a little help at times getting there. I've been 'test driving' a fabulous App called, surprise,