Blood test for endometriosis

A new blood test that can detect up to 90% of cases of endometriosis has been developed by scientists at the University of Oxford. At present, the most reliable way to diagnose endometriosis is with key hole surgery and then biopsy of suspicious lesions.

Many women suffer for years with symptoms suggestive of endometriosis: bad period pains, pelvic pain at other times of the cycle, painful sex, bladder and bowel troubles, fatigue and fertility issues.

Test for Endometriosis – Availability

A blood test is a much less invasive and cheaper way to diagnose this very common condition. The blood test will become available in the UK by the end of 2019.

The blood test looks at DNA fragments – called mitochondrial DNA deletions – as biomarkers for endometriosis.

Early and reliable diagnosis will make life easier for the 5-10% of women around the world who suffer from endometriosis.

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Here is the reference for the article: Creed J et al. Mitochondrial DNA deletions accurately detect endometriosis in symptomatic women of child-bearing age. Biomarkers in Medicine 13(4)

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