Life long learning

What a great week in Hobart for the College of Psychiatry Conference. I had the opportunity to hear some fantastic presentations on chronic pain and the benefits of yoga for recovery. Exciting to hear that this approach has been further explored in Adelaide via the Chronic Pain Unit to support people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in their recovery from pain and trauma.

Another highlight was the discussion on new research for managing mood disorders. It’s not all about medications! There is an increasing emphasis on the role of exercise, diet, sleep hygiene, the management of metabolic syndrome and gut dysbiosis to improve wellbeing and reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

I also attended a workshop on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – this approach focuses on improving psychological flexibility in order to reduce psychological distress. ‘Buddhify’ and ‘ACT Coach’ were recommended Apps for self-help.

In between sessions, there was time for a bit of study – working through the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy module for Melbourne Uni – and some coffees by the harbour.