Category: Book Club

What About Men? by Caitlin Moran

I looove this woman! In her latest book she wrestles with the question of ‘what about men’? How do we help our sons, partners, fathers, friends to overcome toxic masculinity? If we are going to overcome the patriarchy and the ongoing B.S. that it brings (c.f.  The Barbie Movie, if you need a reminder), men… Read more »

A Better Normal by Tess Deveze

This is such a helpful, practical book for anyone who is working to come to terms with their body and intimacy after cancer treatment. Tess has used her professional training as an occupational therapist, and her personal experience of cancer treatment, to write a little gem of a book. Focuses on how to have conversations… Read more »

Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski

This is the sex education that we all should have had…and still need! Emily utilises the best scientific information to help us understand our bodies, our sexual responsiveness and ourselves. For anyone who as ever wondered if they are ‘normal’…this is the book for you. Chapters on anatomy, sex, culture, arousal, sexual pain, orgasms and… Read more »

More Than a Woman by Caitlin Moran

Caitlin Moran’s latest offering is a treasure. She tackles the big questions of a woman’s life – feminism, mid-life, husbands, bingo wings, kids and sex – with humour and intelligence. You’ll laugh, cry and want to invite her over for a drink and chat with your other BFFs.

The Vagina Bible by Jen Gunter

Jen is known as the ‘Twitter Gynaecologist’ in the USA and Canada. She has a ‘vagenda’ to inform and empower women by providing reliable and accurate medical information about their bodies. She dedicates the book to ‘every woman who has ever been told – usually by some dude – that she is too wet, too dry,… Read more »